Åsa Wikforss, Speaker at IntelliSummit™

Åsa Wikforss is professor of theoretical philosophy at Stockholm University. She specializes in the theory of knowledge and the philosophy of language and publishes widely in international research journals. She is a member of several research councils, is part of AcademiaNet – Expert Database of Outstanding Female Academics, and she was recently elected a member of the Royal Academy of Science, Sweden. In 2017 she published a popular book on the topic of post-truth, ‘Alternativa fakta. Om kunskapen och dess fiender’ (‘Alternative facts. On knowledge and its enemies’), and she participates frequently in the public debate in Sweden and elsewhere. During the last year she has made over 150 public contributions speaking about post-truth and fact resistance, including TV, radio, podcasts, and articles.

Åsa at IntelliSummit™ 2019:

DAY 2, Presentation: “From truthiness to alternative facts and post-truth”

A quick interview with Åsa, by IntelliSummit moderator Ingemar Svensson.

-Åsa, you specialize in the theory of knowledge. At the IntelliSummit you will speak about post-truth and alternative facts. Where does your passion for this subject come from?

From the conviction that knowledge matters – it matters if we are to achieve our goals, individually or communally, and it matters to a well functioning democracy. When knowledge is under threat, when fake news, science denial and conspiracy theories spread across the world we need to mobilize and my mission is to help contribute to this mobilization.

-What are the key take aways from your presentation?

-Why we are so vulnerable to disinformation, how these vulnerabilities are systematically exploited, and what we can do to avoid the traps and defend ourselves.

-Finally, how can the participants benefit in real life from your insights

– It can help protect them against disinformation and propaganda, for instance against fake news and false narratives spread on social media.