Bobo af Ekenstam, Speaker at IntelliSummit™

Bobo of Ekenstam has been a global analyst- and strategy consultant for several decades and is currently CEO of the consulting company Docere Intelligence. Bobo started off as a market economist and has a past in marketing, advertising and public relations, but has now shifted his focus to more future-oriented matters. In addition to lecturing, he works as a teacher at Stockholm University, the Market Institute and the company Docere Education.

By doing structured scenario analysis, in the way that one should be doing it, namely to start with the outside world and adjust the business to work for different scenarios, we can get a picture of the future that is relevant to our organization which will help streamlining business operations and development.

Bobo identifies and analyzes changes and trends for you as a customer. All in order for you to have insights to act on time with new products and services. By keeping an eye on changes in the world, you are simply going to be one step ahead.

Bobo is currently working on a new book together with Pär Lager which they will talk about at IntelliSummit 2019. The book will be published during summer 2019. 

Bobo at IntelliSummit™ 2019:

DAY 2, Presentation: “The Principle of Change: How to create a change driven culture, powered by intelligence”