Gabriel Anderbjörk

Gabriel is co-founder, long-time strategist and operations developer of software company Comintelli , a leading international provider of Insight Engine software. After leaving his role as telecom vendor Ericsson’s corporate director of competitive intelligence in 1998 to set up Comintelli, he has also been a senior consultant and advisor within a range of different insights management related operations and projects, supporting organizations designing and maintaining working models and methods to uncover the business values of their embedded knowledge and information assets. He holds a B.A. in Physics from University of Lund and an MBA from London Business School.

Gabriel at IntelliSummit 2019:

DAY 1, Workshop: “Building a global Insights driven organization” In this 3 hour workshop we will explore a holistic approach to identify areas in organizations in need for development in order to drive and inspire insights for decision making. By experience we know that inspiration as well as insights are products of a dynamic, yet managed, environment in which people and information interact in a context driven perspective. The management challenge is however deeply embedded in exactly those three key words; Context, People and Information. We will also discuss, in some more detail, the most common building blocks of such dynamic environments. Key takeaways from this session are: How to identify the overall needs for change How to create an intelligence community that enables insights in a global and complex organization How to align the IT systems to truly support an insights driven operation.

DAY 2, Roundtable: “Where to find content? Getting the right data into your system so that you can get the right results”
The maxim of “garbage in, garbage out” definitely applies to developing and managing an effective intelligence environment. Without the right data going into the system, users may be misled, lack trust, or simply stop using the platform. Platform managers need to understand the entire use case of their environments – not just who is using the platform but what they do with the outputs and results of their use. With that knowledge, you can build a process for finding, evaluating, securing and ingesting the right data for your needs.

During this roundtable, we’ll explore some of the most common challenges you may encounter in building your source set of both internal and external data, as well as suggestions and tips for how to resolve them: Avoiding legal and regulatory risk when selecting and using data Keeping data correct, complete and comprehensive Industry trends on data licensing Managing budget, time invested and ROI.

Bring your questions and examples – we’ll talk through them together.