speaker Jeff Mansfield

Jeff Mansfield, Workshop and Roundtable Moderator at IntelliSummit™

Jeff is the Senior Vice President, Consumer and Industrial Goods (CIG) at Proactive Worldwide. With strengths in both qualitative and quantitative research, Jeff has over 13 years of experience providing superior decision support services. He has a deep understanding of international business practices, strategic planning, and value-chain analysis across a wide variety of industries. He excels in managing a multitude of global project types including logistics and distribution, industry trends, product launches, private company profiles, benchmarking, pricing analyses, product development, facility assessments, supply-chain analyses, pre-merger and acquisition due diligence, and ongoing monitoring assessments.

Jeff at IntelliSummit™ 2019:

DAY 2, Roundtable Discussion: “Managing expectations in a changing CI world” 

In this roundtable we will discuss best practices we have found successful in CI but also talk about how disruptive business models are changing what leadership expects from CI and how to manage these expectations accordingly.

DAY 3, User Conference Workshop: “How to set-up early warnings within Intelligence2day” 

A workshop with Jeff Mansfield, SVP at Proactive (Comintelli’s US partner). How an early warning process works, what is required to be successful, the different types of indicator classifications, and how to bring those concepts into Intelligence2day.