Jeffrey Mansfield, Speaker, IntelliSummit™ 2020

With strengths in both qualitative and quantitative research, Jeff has over 19 years of experience providing superior decision support services. He has a deep understanding of international business practices, strategic planning, and value-chain analysis across a wide variety of industries.

He excels in managing a multitude of global project types including logistics and distribution, industry trends, product launches, private company profiles, benchmarking, pricing analyses, product development, facility assessments, supply-chain analyses, pre-merger and acquisition due diligence, and ongoing monitoring assessments.

Here is a brief interview with Jeff, made by Ingemar Svensson, the moderator of the event.

Q: Hi Jeff. You have been working with decision support for almost 20 years! Where does your passion for market & competitive intelligence (MI/CI) come from?

A: MI/CI is a great business function and capability where outputs, analysis, and recommendations can have a direct impact on an organization. The ability to help aim organizations or strategies or tactics in this space is incredibly rewarding!

Q: Great. And what about your participation at the IntelliSummit 2020; what will you present to us?

A: I am going to lead a brief presentation on dynamics that are continuing to add pressure to retail, what the future holds, and how MI/CI functions can learn how to address industries experiencing rapid change. 

Q: OK, that sounds like very concrete insights! How will the participants be able to benefit from these in real life?

A: We will talk about factors that are driving these changes and the focus is on what MI/CI professionals can do to help provide insights to leadership! Real and practical lessons and objectives! Factors that are driving the retail meltdown are not only in the consumer goods space. What we need to do in the retail space as MI/CI professionals will apply to other industries that are experiencing or expected to experience rapid change.

Thank you, Jeff!