Joost Drieman, Workshop and Roundtable Moderator at IntelliSummit™

Joost Drieman has over 35 years of international experience in strategy and business development, and he is a subject matter expert in Market/Competitive Intelligence, corporate strategy and management.

Joost is Vice President Intelligence Best Practices at M-Brain. Besides that he is on the board of Viadesk BV in the Netherlands, Intelligence advisor at SCIP and MOA, is owner of Marix International NV and he is a certified executive coach and business mentor.

During his career, Joost served as director market & business intelligence at Cisco, as vice president and board member of Telindus, director business development at Tandem Computers and was appointed as subject matter expert at the European Community, DGXIII.

He studied microelectronics in the Netherlands and graduated magna cum laude in business administration (MBA) at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He has also studied corporate strategy at the Harvard Business School and Market Intelligence at the Wisconsin University, Madison, USA. He is currently completing his MSc in coaching and personal development at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

Joost is visiting lecturer in strategic intelligence at the Beeckestijn Business School and a regular keynote speaker at business conferences.

And he is dynamic and engaging workshop leader with over 15 years of experience in facilitating over 50 workshops including competitor simulation and future oriented methodologies.

He explains complex topics and facilitates workshops in an approachable way, using both consultancy and coaching techniques, with a touch of humor.

Joost has the Dutch nationality, lives in Belgium, has three children.

Hobbies: enjoy a good life, sports, travel

Interest in Economy, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology.


Joost at IntelliSummit 2019:

DAY 1, Workshop: “Are you the Sherlock Holmes of your company?” – A workshop about collecting and analyzing competitor information.

In this workshop we will start with the discussion: Is it important to collect and analyze your competitor? What would be the benefit or are there more important things to do? There are more than 7 different forms of competition. We will zoom in on the differences and how we can use this in our favor, leading to Michael Porters defined difference between destructive and strategic competition. A main part of the workshop is about interactive discussion about finding competitor information by looking at traditional and (more importantly) non-traditional sources.  

The workshop will end with sharing some best analysis practices. Connecting the dots.

Participants will learn how to collect and analyze the competition more effectively and efficiently. A must attend for CI professionals.

DAY 2, Presentation: “When the Shoeshine Boy tells you what share to buy”

DAY 2, Roundtable Discussion: “Lead me, follow me”  – A roundtable discussion about the pros and cons of recommending actions.

In this highly interactive roundtable we discuss if intelligence professionals should add recommendations or not. On one hand, career defining decisions evoke powerful and biased emotions – intelligence professionals offer objectivity in the decision making process. On the other hand, what if the intelligence professional is overconfident and utterly wrong? What would a directive for adding recommendations look like?

A quick interview with Joost, by IntelliSummit moderator Ingemar Svensson.

Joost, you have been working with market and competitive intelligence and strategic questions for over 35 years. Where does your passion come from?

-Since my childhood I am driven by facts and figures. I am highly analytical and I rather base decisions on the analysis of data, than following my gut feeling. This way of working has helped me in my success. And that exactly what I am doing with intelligence now. That is a clear passion for me.

-At the IntelliSummit you will be quite busy. You will host one workshop and you will also moderate a roundtable session. If I start with the workshop – what are the take aways there?

-I’d say knowing what kind of information you need for the different types of competitors and where to find this information.

-Interesting. And what will the participants bring with them from your roundtable session?

-After my roundtable they will have a clearer view on what we need to do to keep intelligence relevant in the future!

-And finally, how can the participants benefit in real life from your insights?

-If an intelligence professional applies my insight he will see 3 benefits:

  1. More appreciation by his stakeholders and management because of increased intelligence professionalism, leading to more budget, bigger responsibilities,
  2. Seen as trusted advisor having a seat at the decision making table, and knowing why intelligence is needed and how it is used, instead of being a data provider without having a clue.
  3. Finally, more job satisfaction and external recognition.