Luis Madureira, Speaker, IntelliSummit™ 2020

Luis Madureira is Managing Partner and Founder of ÜBERBRANDS, a strategic consultancy boutique which helps organisations successfully navigate their competitive environment. Previously the Global Competitive Intelligence Practice Lead for Ogilvy Consulting, he possesses a vast experience in Consulting – Ogilvy, UBERBRANDS, and FMCG – Diageo, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Red Bull, United Coffee, and Heineken.

He has held leadership roles in Intelligence, Strategy, Marketing, and Sales, both locally and globally. Awarded the CI Fellowship, the highest recognition in CI by The Council of CI Fellows. He chairs the SCIP Portugal Chapter and lectures and teaches internationally. Author of SMINT, the first CI approach in real-time, and INNOVaction, an end-to-end innovation program.

Graduated from NOVA SBE in Economics and is CIP-I & II accredited by ACI. PhD Candidate at NOVA IMS in Information Management – Information and Decision Systems.    

The moderator of the event, Ingemar Svensson, continues his round of speaker interviews. This time we get to know Luis Madureira, Managing Partner and Founder of ÜBERBRANDS, a strategic consultancy boutique which helps organisations successfully navigate their competitive environment. 

Q: Luis, you have been working with MI/CI for many, many years. Where does your passion for this field of work come from?

A: Since I remember I always wanted to understand how things worked. When I started working as a Key Account Manager Trainee @ Diageo, one of the reasons for hiring us was to make sure the budgets were properly manages and there were no surprises, setting-up Commercial Finance for improving Customer Performance. I remember that, back then, I was the ‘only’ Account Manager that took a Portable PC to the customer and used it for in loco decision-making.

Next I moved to Coca-Cola and I set-up a Sales Information Management System that allow us to grow two digits with no investment, just by improving our decision-making and Channel- and Customer strategy. I could repeat this story pretty much in all functions and companies I worked for.

At Heineken I was finally hired to set up a CI function which I led to World Class level in 2,5 years. There was the moment, but I guess it come from my curious mind and love for business and optimization. The power of CI made me stick and deepen my work that ultimately result in pursuing my PhD. 

Q: So you have both practical experience from working with competitive intelligence and also from setting up CI functions. Great experience to bring to the IntelliSummit. Please tell us about your participation at the IntelliSummit 2020.

A: My participation will be twofold. I will run a workshop where we will be able to apply CI on CI and identify the opportunities and threats, and most importantly, derive the strategic initiatives for CI Professionals, the discipline and the practice to thrive in the foreseeable future. For this we will use a proprietary framework that I developed and use with great results with both local and global customers called the Intelligence Funnel®.

I will also deliver a keynote on SMINT® where I will explain the need, how it works, and the results in form of Case Studies of this Early Warning Opportunity System in real-time that I envisioned 8 years ago and implemented for a Top 20 Forbes company globally.   

Q: Cool. Social Media Intelligence is an area I personally need to learn more, so that will be very interesting. Overall, how will the participants be able to benefit from your insights in real life?

A: Again, benefits will be twofold. From the workshop, participants will be able to derive a strategic roadmap on how to develop their career / function (if In-House CIP), their business (if Consulting / outsource), or even their research (Academia).

From the keynote, participants will be thought-provoked in the zeitgeist of CI, how several key trends both in business, social, and technology that have been, are, and will be changing CI, and what they can do about it. Furthermore they will be able to benchmark their practices and understand how they can replicate the critical capability of doing CI in real-time.

Thank you, Luis!