Mattias Spoormaker, Speaker at IntelliSummit™ 2019

Mattias Spoormaker is the Head of Strategic Analysis at Ericsson. He leads a team who drives and develop strategic intelligence on an Ericsson group level, supporting the Head of Strategy and the Ericsson executive team in their strategic decision making. Mattias, an Ericsson veteran with a past as an IDC industry analyst before he joined the company has held a number of different positions working with strategy and intelligence in various positions. Before taking on his current role he was responsible for Mergers & Acquisitions in group strategy. He holds an MsC in Business and Administration from Lund University.

Mattias at IntelliSummit 2019:

DAY 2, Presentation:  “Using Intelligence to identify the 5G and IoT business potential”

The telecoms industry is extremely competitive with new technologies being introduced all the time.

In order to survive, companies need to anticipate and accommodate developments in the world outside.

Ericsson detected early signals in the 5G and IoT market and used this intelligence to involve customers in co-developing profitable strategies for the future.

This presentation will show how Competitive Intelligence can be a value-added input in the strategic decision-making process.  It aims to show how competitive intelligence can be more credible, not just within your organization, but also with your partners and customers.

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