René Rohrbeck
Speaker & Roundtable Moderator at IntelliSummit™

René Rohrbeck is Professor of Strategy and Associate Dean for Corporate Relations at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University. He received his doctorate from the Technische Universität Berlin for his research on Strategic Foresight. He has benchmarked over 500 companies and advised over 50 Top Management teams on how to increase their future preparedness.

At Aarhus BSS, he leads the Strategic Foresight Research Network that develops methods for participatory foresight and scenario-based strategizing and runs regular benchmarking studies. René Rohrbeck is Partner at a Berlin-based consultancy that serves public clients, private-public partnerships and multinational organizations. He teaches in Danish and international Executive Education programs, where he focusses on Prospective Strategy, Business Model Innovation and Strategic Foresight.

René at IntelliSummit 2019:

DAY 2, Presentation: “Competitors of the future: Why they matter and how to prepare for them”

DAY 2, Roundtable Discussion: How will AI change the intelligence work?

In this roundtable we will discuss which intelligence work can be automated and which human intelligence can be replaced with AI. We want to share among participants experiences with automated scanning tools, continuous competitor monitoring tools, AI-enabled weak-signal scanning and pattern recognition. The roundtable will identify good practices and promising avenues for further development.

A quick interview with René, by IntelliSummit moderator Ingemar Svensson.

-René, you have so much experience in the field of competitive intelligence. You benchmarked over 500 companies and advised over 50 top management teams on how to prepare for the future. Also, you lead the Strategic Foresight Research Network that develops methods for corporate foresight. Where does your passion for competitive intelligence come from?

-In industry I have worked in the Automobile and Telecommunication industry, which are both being transformed radically. When building strategy I have been frustrated by the habit to overly emphasize financial prediction models and the lack of tools to understand with Whom we are going to compete with, How the market will look like, and What we need to do to win.

-On April 11, you present on how to prepare for the competitors of the future. What are the key take aways from your presentation?

-Strategizing in uncertain environments and for the future requires a new set of tools. I will show how scenario planning and business wargaming can be combined to identify and occupy superior positions in the future.

-And finally, how can the participants benefit in real life from your insights?

-Business wargaming and scenario planning can be applied in intensive strategy projects that last several months. In the presentation I will however also show how a lean version lasting only 1 (one!) day can already generate strategic insights and create value.