Sif Adamsen, Speaker, IntelliSummit 2020

Sif Adamsen is the owner of SA Intelligence, a Danish market and competitive intelligence consultancy. Sif has over the past twenty+ years worked in multinational companies with market and competitive intelligence in a variety of industries covering telecom, IT, financial services, building & construction and medtech. She has been responsible for setting up competitive intelligence functions in several multinational companies, developing and implementing processes and deliverables for strategic decision-makers and have worked with all the what? why? how? where? and by/for whom? questions in the intelligence cycle along the way.

It is the knowledge and experience from these many years of hands-on practice combined with the fact that many businesses today fail to take advantage of the opportunities which publicly available information can bring to the organization, that has given birth to SA Intelligence.

With the mission to enable businesses to a structured approach to market and competitive intelligence Sif Adamsen wants to bring her expertise to help businesses enhance their competitive advantage and increase win rate.

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Ingemar Svenssons, moderator of the event, continues his round of interviews with IntelliSummit presenters by asking Sif some questions on her participation.

Q: Sif, where does your passion for market & competitive intelligence (MI/CI) come from?

A: I landed in MI/CI by coincidence in first real job after university and given the lack of learning material on the subject at the time, it has been a long and exciting trial-and-error journey. The fact, that there is always so much more to do, processes or sources that can be improved, further steps to try – and not least new technology opening for new exciting ventures, has always driven me.  

Q: This is your first time presenting at the IntelliSummit. Please tell us about your participation.

A: I am lucky to be at the IntelliSummit for many reasons. For example, I really want to network with existing customers of Intelligence2day to hear about their experiences. I also want to understand and learn what prospects are looking for. I am sure I will listen to some inspiring cases, and I will then be directly involved in two activities. My case presentation is about how deep competitor insights combined with focused stakeholder collaboration and dedication can contribute directly to bring about a successful way to elevate sales – I am sharing concrete insights from a recent case. The roundtable discussion I will host is about how organizations can be better at mapping their competitors.

Q: Great stuff! That sounds very concrete. And how will the participants be able to benefit from your insights in real life?

A: Hopefully I will be able to inspire fellow CI practitioners as I share my sincere hands-on experiences.  What I talk about is not “CI intellectual theory”, but projects and experiences that I have lived through, and learned from.  My case presentation is a great example of how basic CI tools and knowledge are applied systematically – and then put into action and resulting is some very tangible results.

Thank you, Sif!