Discover The 12 Intelligence-Best-Practices To Delivering Invaluable Insights In An Extremly Fast-Changing Market Without Wasting Your Teams Time

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Directly from my desk, Jesper Martell
Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Intelligence Professionals 👋

Jesper Martell here, I’m the founder of IntelliSummit™. 

In times of crisis the right insights at the right time is more important than ever before…

This crisis is one of those times.

In this crisis many intelligence professionals are struggeling to find information and create and share the right insights for their executives depending on them for these invaluable insights. 

That’s why we are excited to invite you to our online summit where you will connect with other intelligence professionals, learn the greatest best-practices to delivering invaluable insights in an extremly fast-changing market and be inspired to create and deliver insights that makes a difference. 

When you join the IntelliSummit™ you will:

  • – Improve your Competitive Intelligence work processes by learning from your peers
  • – Learn how to use the latest competitor analysis and forecasting skills and tools, like Scenario planning and trend driven innovation to increase the value of your work
  • – Understand how to apply new technology, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, to shorten the time-to-insights and improve the quality of your recommendations
  • – Learn from leading experts in the intelligence game, such as Joost Dreiman, Paul Santilli , Luis Maduriera, Pär Lager and Klaus Solberg Solein.
  • – Access our online learning center with additional training from M&CI practioners, such as Lena Olofsson (Essity), Mattias Spoormaker (Ericsson), Henrik Sköld (PTS) and Jeff Mansfield (Proactive)
  • – Learn models of how to be prepared for future game changing disruptions and changes, such as 5G, IoT, COVID-19, fake news, cybersecurity.

Speakers & Presenters

Diana Redeker

Market Analyst, Skanska

Jeffrey Mansfield

SVP, Proactive Worldwide

Jesper Martell

CEO Comintelli

Johan Hammarlund

Collaborative Foresight Advisor

Kairos Future

Johan Wiktorin

Certified Master of Competitive Intelligence


Luis Madureira

Managing Partner


What you’ll learn

#1 INTELLIGENCE FUNNEL ©: a framework that supports the future shaping of any industry

Luis Madureira
Learn more about how to add critical framework, the Intelligence Funnel©, to your CI Toolbox. Identify the Opportunities & Threats of any competitive environment with this proprietary framework. Make informed decisions and ground strategy development in any given Industry, at both Global and Local levels. Develop future Scenarios and battle your strategy in War Games using this framework. You will also learn how to use this framework to monitor and address the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

#2 Panel Discussion CI in post Covid 

Jesper Martell, Johan Hammarund,, Johan Wiktorin. Moderated by Ingemar Svensson. 
Listen to what Jesper, Johan and Johan thinks about ‘Competitive & Market Intelligence in the Post-Covid19 world’ and how covid-19 will effect our business.

#3 Disruptive Trends in the Consumer and Retail industry 

Jeffrey Mansfield
Learn about the concrete factors that drive change in the Retail industry. Get real and practical lessons and objectives that CI professionals can use in other industries that are experiencing rapid change.

#4 CI support for a circular economy and sustainable business 
Diana Redeker
Learn hands-on how intelligence is creating real value to decision makers.

#5 SMINT® CI in Real-Time: The Success Files 
Luis Madureira
Get insights on how to conduct and draw conclusions from Social Media analysis.



* Access to content from 2017 IntelliSummit

  1. How to Stay Relevant as a CI Funtion in Times of Change
  2. A view from the board room – Implementing Intelligence Based Change in a Disruptive World
  3. Integrated Intelligence
  4. Intelligence Ethics, Espionage and the Urgent Need for Nordic Companies to Increase Security
  5. Automatization of Intelligence

* Access to content from 2018 IntelliSummit

  1.  Insight & Trend-Driven Innovation
  2. Competitive Intelligence and the Capitalization of Data
  3. Creating an Effective CI Process – Enabling Innovation
  4. Building Systematic Future Preparedness and Profiting from it
  5. Using Price as a Competitive Weapon

* Access to content from 2019 IntelliSummit 

  1. From Truthiness to Alternative Facts and Post-Truth
  2. Using Intelligence to Identify 5 G and IoT Business Potential
  3. Competitors of the Future – Why they matter and how to prepare for them
  4. When The Shoeshine Boy Tells You What Share To Buy
  5. The Principle of Change: How to Create a Change-Driven Culture Powered by Intelligence

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